Hair Cut

At Allure, we are experts at precision haircuts. The precision haircut was based on the theory that, with proper design and attention to detail, any texture of hair, even the most unruly, could be tamed and easily styled.  This is accomplished by means of engineering the haircut, taking into consideration wave patterns, or lack thereof, the creation of design lines, weight lines, guidelines, and pivot points that allow a freshly cut head of hair to fall naturally and flow into the predetermined desired style.


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Blow Dry





Blowouts are for everyone. Getting a blowout service takes your hair to the next level, no matter the situation. When you have long, thick, and unruly hair, why not let someone else do your hair for you? It will take less of your time and is a great way to pamper yourself once a week. There is no better way to prep your hair for a special event style than to get your hair blown out a day or two before the event.

Want sexy, voluminous, curly hair like Kate Hudson in My Best Friend's Girl? Worry no more, you've landed at the perfect place. Call now to book an appointment or just drop by and we'll pamper you.

The perfect way to add elegance and elevate your look for any wedding, event, or meaningful moment. Our braiding service melds styling from editorial imagery and Hollywood red carpets to yield a modern and fresh take on glamour.


Hair Treatment

Moisture treatment, calming, detoxifying, energizing, rebalancing nourishing hair and scalp.


Hot Oil Massage

It’s incredibly relaxing and feels great, allowing you to let go of your stress and to calm your head, neck, and shoulder muscles. This relaxing head massage is also great for those who suffer from dry skin, dandruff, coarse or damaged hair, and can help strengthen your hair follicles to slow the onset of baldness.


Keratin Treatment

If you look in the mirror and see dull, do-nothing hair, but you’re not quite sure what it needs to bring it back to life, Keratin Treatment could be the solution. The treatment makes use of both a booster and a concentrate, which penetrate each hair fiber using nanotechnology.

Deep Sea Repair Mask

A healthy and nourished look is not only about the hair itself, it’s the result of our lifestyle, everyday life, avoiding stress situation, a balanced diet and the way we treat our scalp. The skin on top our heads, it’s the closest organ to our brain!
Looks come also from within, scalp treatments are very important if you strive to achieve that attitude and look you always wanted, but never seem to get.
In our hair salon we offer a wide range of scalp treatments, performed with care, a gentle or tougher scalp massage (you are the boss, you decide) executed in a separate area, with relaxing atmosphere, to help you sit back, relax.
Let the stress and worries fade away, even just for a few minutes. Be present in the here and now, your wellbeing and health will thank you later.

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We offer unparalleled services for all of your beauty needs. Contact us today to see the many other ways we can pamper you.


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