Facial Treatments

Facials are beneficial at least once every thirty days. It is incredibly important to take care of your skin by getting facials done. It will not only make you look and feel amazing but, also, it has outward benefits of youth and vitality with psychological effects of improved self-esteem.

Primary Care (15min)

An aromatic compress with deep cleaning vegetable exfoliation. Relaxing massage for your face and neck. This treatment features a mask for the eye contours and a purifying mask with aromatic compress for the face.


Grand Classic (30min)

An elaborate and complete facial. Leaves the skin clean, balanced and radiant. Customized and recommended for all ages. Oxygenating with the 5 Quintessence essential oils.

Optimizer (60 min)

Anti-aging treatment to bring out the skin’s natural glow, restore smoothness and youth after 1 treatment! Using fruit acids the epidermis is regenerated, cellular renewal is intensified, the complexions is cleared, wrinkles and fine lines vanish. Recommended once to boost radiance or in a series of 4 to support anti-aging effects.


Hydrated Vital (60min)

Skin is renewed, soothed and rebalanced; softness and beauty restored. This high performance treatment will quickly help restore hydration using the powerful action of seaweed and fruit extracts. Recommended year – round, as skin shows symptoms of dehydration.